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S6350 Jordan II Velvet

S6350 Jordan II Velvet

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Item: S6350 Jordan II

Color: Black, Grey
Material: Velvet 
Legs: Chrome
Nails: Chrome

White color:
Legs: Gold
Nails: Gold
Pillows: All included
Overall Size: 122'W X 68" D X 31"H

Introducing our stunning sectional, a luxurious and versatile addition to your living space. This sectional is designed to elevate the elegance and comfort of your home, creating a captivating centerpiece that exudes sophistication.

Available in two exquisite color options, Black and Grey, our sectional adds a touch of modernity and style to any room. The rich and lustrous velvet material enhances the visual appeal and creates a soft and inviting seating experience.

The sectional features chrome legs that not only provide stability and support but also add a sleek and contemporary touch to the overall design. The chrome nails further accentuate the sectional's luxurious look, elevating its aesthetic appeal and attention to detail.

For those who prefer a touch of opulence, we offer the sectional in a stunning White color option. The White variation features legs and nails in a dazzling Gold finish, adding a glamorous and regal touch to the overall design. Additionally, the White variation comes with all pillows included, providing extra comfort and style.

With an overall size of 122" W x 68" D x 31" H, our sectional offers generous seating space for you and your guests to relax and unwind. Whether you're entertaining friends or enjoying a cozy evening at home, this sectional provides ample room for everyone to gather comfortably.

Upgrade your living space with our exceptional sectional and experience the perfect blend of style and comfort. The luxurious velvet material, chrome legs, and nails enhance the sectional's visual appeal, while the included pillows add an extra layer of comfort and sophistication.

Transform your home into a haven of luxury and relaxation with our exquisite sectional. Its timeless design, premium materials, and attention to detail make it the perfect choice for those who appreciate both style and comfort. Embrace the elegance and indulgence of our sectional and create unforgettable moments in your living space.

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